test video

Option 1:  directly embedding a video from your google drive directly into google site.   Don't forget to share on Drive the file first!  I can show you how to do this if needed!

in page edit mode, click 
insert, drive, then video - you will see all the videos stored on your google drive. 

From what I can see, this plays the video directly from your google drive account rather than requiring an upload into the web site (using up the 100mb storage space)  but we should keep an eye on this!!

large-larve-breathing_tim test.mp4

Option 2:  embedding a youtube video link.....

You have to upload videos to youtube first - easy enough to do if you are logged in to youtube with your google account.   Then you get the video URL and simply insert a link.  Good option if you already have videos on google but takes more steps to play the video.

Check out this video of an emerging bee