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Nucs for Sale - at present (July 1st) half of our beginner's class have received their nucs.

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    Posted May 2, 2018, 2:47 AM by Helen Mooney
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Here in Mayo we prepare to begin queen rearing from the second week in May, subject to weather conditions and the state of colonies, leading up to that point.  We prefer to wait until the latent signs of swarming are evident (including plenty of advanced drone brood, emerged drones and play cells).  For this reason, queens will not be mated and laying well until early June. New queens are combined with bees occupying a small temporary hive, containing 5/6 frames including larvae, capped brood, honey stores, pollen and worker bees. This is called a nucleus or 'nuc' and once laying is well established, the laying queen will be clipped and marked. With proper care, all nucs will be strong enough to develop into a full colony before the winter. it is vital that customers have basic skills in beekeeping before they buy bees so we will only sell bees to people who are a member of their local association and have completed a beekeeping course.  
Cost of nucleus of bees is €170 and beginners who trained with us will be mentored through their first year.  There is a refundable deposit on the nuc box we supply the bees in.  You can supply you own nuc box  but we will need it several weeks in advance of you getting your bees. Bees need to be collected in the cool of the evening when the bees have stopped flying, or before 8am. We 
need the empty box back within 3 or 4 days after receiving your bees.  Please contact us if you need help installing your nuc into a full hive.  There can be no delay here once you have bought a strong nuc as they will need room to expand immediately.