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At Moy Valley Bees our approach to queen rearing is as follows:-
- we do not sell over-wintered nucs
- queens are provided mated, marked and clipped
- introduction of queens to a hive must be planned and carried out with care

in our experience, demand for individual queens occurs primarily during the Autumn and is either pre-planned or required at very short notice.  We endeavour to be able to meet both needs.

We also provide pre-planned nucs for delivery in early June.  

You can request reservations for purchase  and check our delivery countdown timetables here:



Standard Queen Rearing Development Cycle

1The egg is laid by the queen mother.
3Select or create a queenless starter hive
4Graft the day-old larvae into cell cups, and insert into a queenless cell builder colony.
6    Check your grafts: the bees should have started to to draw out the cells and feed the larvae with royal jelly. If not, re-graft.
9Queen cells are capped
10Sensitive developmental phase - do not move cells and be very gentle when opening the hive.

13Move the capped queen cells into mating nucs
16Queens hatch
18Discard any unhatched cells
21Mating Flights