Onsite Intermediate Beekeeping:

Moy Valley Bees offers community based training, either on an individual or a group basis.  The Beginners Beekeeping Course is a pre-requisite for getting started but all beekeepers  will tell you that they are constantly learning.   Participation in a local community group, such as the Mayo Beekeepers Association, is invaluable but sometimes you simply need direct, onsite advice and instruction.

We can tailor a session to suit your own needs, in terms of your development as a practiced beekeeper.  Topics are many and varied and we can answer the questions that have arisen over your first year or years in the discipline.  Typical areas for discussion might include:-

best practice during early hive inspections
  • confirming the presence of an active and laying queen
  • finding, marking and clipping the queen
  • hive  housekeeping: egremoval of combs as required, replacement and rearrangement of combs when black or mouldy, 

best practice during second inspection - disease identification
  • assessment of degree of comb change
  • identifying signs of swarming
  • swarm control
  • artificial swarming
Managing Bee Health

Honey extraction techniques

........... and many more!   Let us know your requirements on the form here and we'll be there to help you out.

Intermediate beekeeper training