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The Quest for Palm Oil Free Cosmetic Ingredients

posted Mar 18, 2021, 6:16 AM by Helen Mooney   [ updated Mar 18, 2021, 6:20 AM ]
We know that many of our followers are concerned about the use of Palm oil and the devastating effects its cultivation is having on indigenous communities and biodiversity. We are still trying to find an alternative to the palm oil derived emulsifying waxes used in artisan and regular commercial cosmetics. This is causing a slight delay in finalising our beeswax and honey moisturiser recipe because it takes time to choose a good supplier that can confirm it is Palm oil free, then it takes time to find the least amount needed for a good end result. It is an absolute eye opener that Palm oil could possibly be in every moisturiser out there at the moment, local/artisan/handmade/whatever. They are beautiful products. I use them. and there is no way to know unless you contact the manufacturer as they may have sourced a palm oil free version. Some products do have a label to denote same but I have not seen it in use. Sill, the artisan products I have tried have great attributes: parabens free, not tested on animals and made in small batches and the local selection alone is stunning.

Terminology is key. Balms contain no water and therefore do not need to be emulsified with oils, so they are generally palm oil free by default. Palm oil derivatives can have up to 600 different names and are never listed as Palm oil in the ingredients. So here is an excellent resource with a very up-to-date list. I hope you find it useful. I think I will end up having to use a palm oil derived emulsifying wax in our moisturiser too, but I will continue to search for genuine ecologically sound supplies of same. Don't even get me started on Palm oil in our food!! That is another month of research!! https://www.palmoilfreecertification.org/alternate-names-for-palm-oil