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First Nucs will be delivered Sunday 17th June

posted Jun 5, 2018, 10:50 AM by Helen Mooney   [ updated Jun 16, 2018, 2:42 PM ]
It may seem like you have been waiting ages for your pre-ordered nuc.  Well, good news, the first round of nucs will be ready for collection on Sunday 17th June.  

Regardless of where you get your bees, please be ready and that means have your hive in its final position,and have 5 frames of foundation ready to fill out the box after the 6 frame nuc is installed.  Most sellers only deliver at night or early in the morning, before bees are flying or after they have settled for the night.  If taking them by car to their final spot, try place the nuc box in the fore and aft position, aligned with the length of your car, as this prevents excessive rocking of the frames, which could squash your queen. Let the seller know in good time if you are providing your own nuc box and make sure they have it a few days in advance of delivery.  And equally important with respect to borrowed nuc boxes, is to return it as soon as possible too. 


Unless you are within a mile or two, we use the community garden in Ballina as a collection point. We can also arrange for you to look into the nuc before delivery. I will keep a close eye out for varroa and I will treat with apiguard if required but this can put the queen off lay, so I try to avoid it but can always give you a tray if I feel there is a need to treat after they are hived.  Regardless of the weather, it is best to feed 1:1 sugar syrup in a four pint (white bowl-feeder: use a small stone to weigh down the lid as bees can get in and drown)  intermittently until all the new frames have been drawn.  But not to the extent that the box is full of stored syrup as this will block up places for the queen to lay and could cause the bees to swarm. Never feed while supers are on and never feed honey unless it's your own.  Our six frame nucs will have a minimum of 4 frames of brood, one of pollen and one of stores.  Do not accept anything less such as an undrawn frame as the sixth frame. Your queen will be marked and clipped.  Thank you.