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Everything has its season

posted Mar 3, 2020, 4:19 AM by Helen Mooney
We will soon be watching bees bringing in dandelion pollen.  What a happy change that will make from the current situation, when we wish for more activity and warmer weather.  Many colonies needed a second pack of fondant this year but so far, no losses in the new year.  It's a nail biting time though, as brood rearing starts in earnst but winter bees are coming to the natural end of their days. 

Training courses are up and running all around the country now, and the infectious enthusiasm of beginners helps seasoned beekeepers to improve their teaching skills and deliver relevant,  realistic  and practical training sessions.

Don't forget to take a sample of 30 bees, label, freeze and send to Mary Coffey, Teagasc HQ Oakpark, Co. Carlow. 

This is a good time of yeear to complete the annual big clean up in the honey house and storage area.  Nucs are soaked in washing soda and cleaned with  bleach.  Old brood comb has been rendered and frames in good condition, boiled in washing soda for resuse.