Community Activities

Moy Valley Bees is active in the Mayo Community, providing school visits, public talks, media a appearances, participation in country shows and festivals  and access to information about all aspects of beekeeping and biodiverstiy, including talks on starting with bees, and so on   We can bring along observation hives, information leaflets and even samples of honey and honey for purchase.

 We conduct school visits to educate classes on bees, biodiversity, equipped with microscopes, live bees, practical demonstration tools for topics such as lighting a smoker and the different types of bees, comb for touching, honey for tasting, rendered wax samples conduct nature walks,  & provide junior pollinator plans & resource packs for teachers.

In addition we work with community gardeners who understand the need for pollinators  or who may  want bees onsite

Information about these activities can be found in our Diary.

If you represent a school, community organisation or indeed if your company is interested in promoting the practice of beekeeping among your own staff and customers, we can help with presentations, collateral and, of course, honey,

Let us know here  what you are looking for and we'll be in touch!

Community Activities